Before Placing A "Done For You" Order:

Who Does This Work For?
- Chiropractors
- Financial Advisors
- Solo-preneurs
- Personal Trainers
- Coaches & Experts
- Digital Marketers
- Any Service-Based Business
What's A Lead? What's An Appointment?
We consider a lead as a persons basic information (name, email, and phone number) collected from inbound ads. An appointment is a warm, vetted, and nurtured consultation between you and the prospect via phone or video chat.
How Do You Generate Leads?
Here at Client Generator we want to maximize results with minimal set up on your side. We run simple Facebook™ lead ads that collect a persons basic info (name, email, and phone number). We can get laser focused with targeting by age, interests, niche, location, and many other demographics. All Inbound too!
How Do You Nurture Leads?
We utilize a range of methods to nurture these inbound leads. One of the most crucial steps to attracting the RIGHT lead is offering a Value Video presentation. Additionally, we nurture leads through email sequences, text, phone calls, and voicemail drops. That's right, we have a real human calling to ensure quality!
How Do You Book Appointments?
After your leads have been thoroughly nurtured we will use our in-house team to book appointments directly into your calendar for you. Just provide us with your calendar link and you'll be on your way to new high quality appointments.
Do You Cover No-Shows?
Our services are guaranteed, meaning if you get a no-show we will replace that appointment until the entire order is fulfilled based on the package you've selected. Just let us know of your no-shows and we'll update your order. Keep in mind we do verify these no-shows on our end as to keep everyone accountable.
How Warm Are These Appointments?
All appointments are inbound and ad generated. Meaning prospects are coming to you for help. This is a great sales dynamic to be in as deals are easier to close. However, sales conversions depend entirely on you, your offer, and ability to close deals. It is our job to ensure you get a high quality warm appointment!
Can I Place More Than One Order?
We can fulfill large order requests too! Give us a call at 800-216-1524 to get a custom quote for a package that fits your needs as well as your budget.

After Placing A "Done For You" Order:

Is There A Creative Brief?
Yup, and it's a really smooth process. You'll receive a link in your confirmation email directing you to a questionnaire. You can tell us all the details about your project. Including targeting, messaging, and other specifics. Additionally, you can also share links and upload your content here too. This info will be sent to your account manager and we'll get started on your campaign immediately. There's no further setup on your side, we take care of everything. Just fill out that one questionnaire and you'll be ready to rock!
What Is Required From Me?
Everything required here will be talked about in-depth during your creative brief. It's all really easy stuff to put together!

In order to maximize your results, ensure your message is consistent and custom tailored we do require a few pieces of content from you. Unfortunately, without these pieces of content we cannot fulfill your order. We require:

- Ad Copy & Creative: You can use our proven templates and stock creatives for free. BUT if you really want a custom job we suggest you provide us with this material. Check out www.adzombie.com for ad copy and videos. The ad we'll need is used to promote your value video presentation.

- Value Video Presentation: 15 min of introducing, educating and informing. With a call to action at the end of the video to book an appointment.

- Calendar Link: We need a fresh calendar to book in appointments for you. We recommend using www.scheduleonce.com or www.calendly.com
When Will I Start Getting Appointments?
We'll have your campaign up and running in just a couple days. We are running ads specifically for you and have to wait just a little bit while those ads generate a nice healthy pool of leads for us to follow up with and nurture. However, this only takes us a couple days and then you will start seeing appointments fly in!
Who Is My Point Of Contact?
After you purchase feel free to relay any feedback or comments to one of our account managers. You'll get a response from us within 24 hrs or less!
 Can I Change My Targeting?
Unfortunately, if the order has been submitted and work has started, targeting cannot be changed. Our marketing efforts depend on a level of consistency from our clients to ensure we can deliver you results.
What Happens After The Order Is Fulfilled?
When your order is fulfilled, you will receive a notification from one of our account managers. We'll ask for some final feedback on your delivered appointments to ensure your satisfaction.
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© Copyright 2020+  - All Rights Reserved, Client Generator Inc.